The Poetry of Sam Friedman

Samuel R. Friedman, Ph.D. (sociology) is a Senior Research Fellow and the Director of the Social Theory Core in the Center for Drug Use and HIV Research at National Development and Research Institutes, Inc., New York City. (He is also a prior Director of the Research Methods Core in the Center for Drug Use and HIV Research.) Other appointments include Senior Research Associate at the Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Friedman is an author of over 300 publications on HIV, STI, and drug use epidemiology and prevention. Recent research projects have included a focus on social factors and social networks among drug injectors and youth and on socioeconomic and policy predictors of the extent of injection drug use, of HIV epidemics, and of HIV prevention efforts in US metropolitan areas; research on the impact of economic and political crises on HIV risk in Buenos Aires; and research on why women injectors who have sex with women are at enhanced risk for HIV and other infections.

He has engaged in many international collaborative projects with the WHO MultiCentre Study of Drugs and HIV and with researchers in Brazil, Spain, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and other countries. He has also written on international HIV topics such as war and HIV; sociopolitical transitions and HIV; and drug users’ organizations (user groups) as actors globally against HIV. He is a published poet who often presents readings at conferences on HIV/AIDS and/or on preventing drug-related harm.
This is Sam’s official biography. It doesn’t begin to reflect the Sam the man. Sam is a beloved and respected friend to drug users around the world. No HIV/AIDS or Harm Reduction conference is complete without Sam’s presenting valuable new research, reading new poems, and sharing his vast knowledge and wisdom about social and political activism with his many friends.

– Walter Cavalieri

The Canadian Harm Reduction Network
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Sam Friedman

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