National Working Meeting on Crack Cocaine and Hepatitis C

This poster is the only printed result from a major meeting about crack called by the Public Health Agency of Canada in 2006.  All went well up to the time of writing the paper that was contracted. It was never done. This poster just skims the surface of what was a truly outstanding meeting.

The Crack Users Project: A Manual

The Crack Users Project (CUP) is a capacity-building initiative, developed by Street Health and Regent Park Community Health Centre, with the goal of reducing the harms associated with the use of crack cocaine among users in southeast downtown Toronto. It was initiated in 2005.

Who’s getting the message? intervention response rates among women


Background. Injection drug users (IDUs) who also smoke crack may be at greatest risk for infection with HIV as well as other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections and in most need of positive behavioral changes.


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