Drug War

A General in the Drug War

From heroin and cocaine to sex and lies, Tetris and the ponies, the spectrum of human addictions is vast. But for Dr. Nora D. Volkow, the neuroscientist in charge of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, they all boil down to pretty much the same thing.

She must say it a dozen times a day: Addiction is all about the dopamine. The pleasure, pain and devilish problem of control are simply the detritus left by waves of this little molecule surging and retreating deep in the brain.

A War On Drugs Or A War On Tradition?

Frank Dikotter, Lars Laamann and Zhou Xun Hurst
Bradley Winterton

'Narcotic Culture' By Frank Dikotter Takes A Fresh Look At The Usual Take On History That Suggests The Use Of Opium By The Chinese Was Entirely Negative

Opium has always been associated, for better or worse, with China. And almost invariably it's been for the worse.

The myth, in both the Christian West and the communist East, has been that this pernicious substance was brought to the Celestial Empire by the perfidious British, forced onto a gullible people, and as a result accelerated the decline of a once-great nation.


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