Strew The Path With Flowers

James Mills
Bernard Porter

Narcotic drugs taken for recreational purposes were, until comparatively recently, mainly associated with the 'Orient'. They were used in Europe only by 'Orientals' and some adventurous and transgressive literati, though they were also hidden in patent medicines and tonics.

The Brain's Own Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug with a mixed history.

What Medicinal Mariujana? New book steps in as Health Canada leaves medicinal users yearning.

Wendy Little and Eric Nash
John Akpata

In 1922, police magistrate and Canadian marijuana prohibitionist Emily Murphy wrote a book titled The Black Candle. It suggested that "aliens of colour" will "bring about the degeneration of the white race" through drug trafficking. Murphy played upon the spectre of pure white women becoming defenceless against "black-haired beasts in our human jungle," and alluded to the notion that drug use in general is part of a global non-white plot to enslave Caucasians. Her solution was to "insist on people of colour's exclusion from this continent."


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