After the Drug War ...?

Monday, February 11, 2013
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Carnegie Theatre Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA
Event Description: 

FILM: “Breaking the Taboo”
COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: “What should we do with currently illegal drugs in a post-prohibition world?”

Please join the End Prohibition Project for a community dialogue on what a post-prohibition world might look like, and how we could imagine the production, sale and use of currently illicit drugs within a health and justice framework. The night begins with a showing of the film "Breaking the Taboo" that presents the failure of the drug war and the growing demands for a new approach.

After more than a century of drug prohibition in Canada and decades of a global “War on Drugs,” there are increasing criticisms of this deadly, corrupt and costly policy. National and international organizations are declaring the drug war a colossal failure; countries are implementing strategies of decriminalization as they shift their drug policies into a health framework; states in the US have voted to decriminalize marijuana, and are now trying to figure out what that means.

If we are heading toward the dismantling of drug prohibition and ending the war on drugs, what kind of political and social framework do we need for a healthier and more humane relationship to currently illicit drugs? Should heroin, cocaine and marijuana be regulated by the state within a tightly controlled medical system? Should they be turned over to large corporations to produce, distribute, advertise, and sell? Are there other options?

In this community dialogue, we want to explore these issues together.