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Our Mission is:

To serve as an umbrella organization and virtual meeting place for individuals and groups across Canada committed to reducing the health, social and economic harms associated with drugs and drug polices.

The principal aims are:

  1. To provide a vehicle for harm reduction activists, supporters and workers, and drug users and drug user organizations to discuss their needs and issues, share information, support one another and catalyse the development of effective harm reduction practices across Canada; and
  2. To work for the reform of drug law and policy.

Our goals are:

  • To develop in Canada a network of harm reduction workers, agencies, organisations, individuals and groups of individuals, including people with current drug use experience, for the purpose of exchanging information and providing mutual support;
  • To educate the public, politicians, legislators and the media about the efficacy and legitimacy of Harm Reduction for redressing the consequences of the use and distribution of illicit drugs;
  • To ensure that drug policies in Canada exemplify true Harm Reduction; and

To work collaboratively to end the war on drugs and on the people who use them.

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