The International War on Drugs: Implications for Canadian Domestic Drug Policies

Monday, July 23, 2012
1:30 pm
410 Sherbourne Street 3rd Floor
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Event Description: 

Justun Faubert & Robert Scoular, the presenters,  are 4th-year students of International Criminal Law. They were interns with the Canadian Harm Reduction Network, through the University of Toronto's Service Learning program. This presentation draws on both academic and community sources


International Protocols favour punitive sanctions against people who use drugs - that is, law enforcement as opposed to a health or harm reduction approach. The result is that drug users, already a marginalised population, suffer ‘discrimination by policy’ that leads to unintended harmful consequences, including the heightened risk of infectious disease, extrajudicial killings and disproportionate imprisonment. Clearly, our domestic policies need to be challenged, as do international protocols - and the dominance of a few powerful states.

The paper on which this presentation is based - The War on Drug Users: Denying Life, Liberty and Security of the Person - can be accessed at