A Positive Message Is That Addiction Is Changeable: A Review of Stanton Peele's "7 Tools to Beat Addiction"

Book Title: 
7 Tools to Beat Addiction
Stanton Peele
Book Publisher: 
Andrew Tatarsky

Once again, Dr. Stanton Peele confronts the sacred cows of the addiction recovery industry with a new book that shows how to overcome addiction with or without treatment. In ‘7 Tools to Beat Addiction’, Peele liberates readers from the disease model of addiction and presents a program for recovery based on his thoroughly grounded and sane perspective on the nature of addictions of all kinds.

Peele tells us in this surprising and practical book:

• Most people overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs on their own, without joining a support group or entering treatment.
• Alcoholism and other addictions are not diseases. There is a huge industry of treatment centers and organizations which have a vested interest in perpetuating old myths about addiction and recovery.
• There are specific tools anyone can use to help themselves to overcome any addiction with or without professional assistance.

This no-nonsense guide puts addicts in charge of their own recovery.

‘7 Tools to Beat Addiction‘ provides readers with these basic building blocks: values, motivation, rewards, resources, support, a mature identity, and higher goals. By carefully and clearly outlining this process, the book provides a road map to self-cure. What this book does not do is browbeat people into thinking that they are diseased, broken for life, and powerless.

Peele's positive message is that addiction is changeable and that, indeed, most people overcome their addictions, usually on their own. Peele's point is that you are the primary agent of your change.

Further information, see: http://www.peele.net/7tools/