Holy NASEC, April 28, 2001

Sam Friedman

As the band played,
and the needle exchangers danced
to the songs in the Bravo
of Minneapolis,
a spirit of holy pervaded the tables
and the smiles of the chatterers,
the maturity of a movement grown holy
through the pains of our errors,
through losing many friends to the virus,
some deaths due to our errors,
some caused by our love,
but many prevented,
many prevented,
more and more, many prevented,
our errors transcended
through arguments extended
to respect and deep friendship
so we chat and we party,
a roomful of doers,
of queers, straights and junkies,
a roomful of saints transcendent and holy,
purveyors of points despite the fangs of the powers,
purveyors of needles through decades of plagues.
Big Hammer, in press.