Sam Friedman

The point is
was a hero,
who acted,
who put it
on the line.
Each of us knew
the risks,
had heard the stories
of gunshots, beatings,
Congressional committees,
shattered careers,
But each of us acted,
thought . . . inspired,
each was a hero,
everyone who dared.
Sure, the press covered
Martin, Stokely,
Gloria and Cesar,
and occasionally even Fannie Lou,
and these folks sure were
but so were Amy & Lois & Tom
who picketed Glen Echo with me
in the summer of '60,
and Eric and Laurie and Tom
who shared some jail time
after we demo'd a draft board
the first time ever in sixty-five,
and so were millions of others
no one ever hears of anymore
because the press and the politicians
and the employers
just don't want us to know
we can all be heroes-
just pick up a sign
and march or vigil,
or start a needle exchange,
sit in,
or strike,
and take away their power
so our time and bodies
can be