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Alcohol Problems and Approaches: Theories, Evidence and Northern Practice

The purpose of this paper is to provide essential information about alcohol problems, theories
about causes and evidence-based best practices in alcohol problem treatment and prevention in Inuit communities.

Alternatives To Cocaine Use – The Stuff Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To Know To Help Yourself!

Hello kiddies – I know I promised an article that would further elaborate on endorphins, however there has been increased awareness, attention, (and need!) for knowledge around cocaine - and what people can do to get off it – or at least to gain some kinda management over chronic, uncontrollable usage.

An End To Marijuana Prohibition: The Drive To Legalize Picks Up

Never before have so many Americans supported decriminalizing and even legalizing marijuana.

Seventy-two percent say that for simple marijuana possession, people should not be incarcerated but fined: the generally accepted definition of “decriminalization.” Even more Americans support making marijuana legal for medical purposes.

Support for broader legalization ranges between 25 and 42 percent, depending on how one asks the question.