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A review of the evidence-base for harm reduction approaches to drug use

A useful concise overview of harm reduction approaches to drug use

A Review Of The Withdrawal Management System In Ontario: Final Report, July14, 2005

Cathexis Consulting Inc.
This is the controversial and -- in a number of minds, highly questionable -- report on which the Province of Ontario based their decision to gut Toronto's detox care system. It has been placed here so that it won't be "disappeared". Later, we hope to place here some rebuttals from the community.

A War On Drugs Or A War On Tradition?

Frank Dikotter, Lars Laamann and Zhou Xun Hurst
Bradley Winterton

'Narcotic Culture' By Frank Dikotter Takes A Fresh Look At The Usual Take On History That Suggests The Use Of Opium By The Chinese Was Entirely Negative

Opium has always been associated, for better or worse, with China. And almost invariably it's been for the worse.

The myth, in both the Christian West and the communist East, has been that this pernicious substance was brought to the Celestial Empire by the perfidious British, forced onto a gullible people, and as a result accelerated the decline of a once-great nation.