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Under the Influence: The Disinformation Guide to Drugs

Preston Peet (Editor)

Under the Influence is a sampler kit of drug war essays that brings light to dark corners with energy and commitment. It makes no pretense at objectivity or balance but teems with data and outrage as it weaves history, geopolitics and journalism into a rich and often entertaining resource. Editor Preston Peet organized 49 essays (including two by Drug War Chronicle editor Phil Smith) into seven categories, such as "For Medicinal Use," "Reform and Politics" and "Facts and Propaganda," that take readers on a high-speed tour of drug war zones near and far.

Vers une réponse à l’épidémie Recommandations pour une Stratégie canadienne sur l’hépatite C

Préparé en collaboration avec :
Institut de l’anémie recherche et éducation
Société canadienne du SIDA
Réseau canadien d’info-traitements SIDA
Canadian Harm Reduction Network
Société canadienne de l’hémophilie
Canadian Hepatitis C Network
Fondation canadienne du foie
Hepatitis C Council of BC
Société de l’hépatite C du Canada
Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network