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Report of the New York City Commission on HIV/AIDS

Recommendations to make NYC a national and global model for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care

Report of the Toronto and Ottawa Supervised Consumption Assessment Study, 2012

Do Toronto and Ottawa need supervised consumption facilities?  Is the implementation of supervised consumption facilities in Toronto or Ottawa feasible?  To answer these questions, a reseaerch team consucted the Toronto and Ottawa Supervised Consumption Assessment (TOSCA) a scientific study involving the collection and analysis of data from a variety of sources.

Report on Safe Injection Facilities in Canada

New Report on Establishing Safe Injection Facilities in Canada: Legal and Ethical Issues

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network wishes to announce that our new report on "Establishing Safe Injection Facilities in Canada: Legal and Ethical Issues" and an updated version of our info sheets on HIV/AIDS and injection drug use (including a new info sheet on safe injection facilties) are now available on our website at:

Responding to the Epidemic Recommendations for a Canadian Hepatitis C Strategy

Developed in collaboration by the
Anemia Institute for Research and Education
Canadian AIDS Society
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange
Canadian Harm Reduction Network
Canadian Hemophilia Society
Canadian Hepatitis C Network
Canadian Liver Foundation
Hepatitis C Council of BC
Hepatitis C Society of Canada
Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action

Review of "My Cocaine Museum," by Michael Taussig

Michael Taussig

In a dispatch from the Associated Press last week came the report that the Colombian government wants to turn the home of Pablo Escobar, leader of the Medellin cartel until he was gunned down by Colombian troops with US assistance in 1991, into a museum highlighting the evils of drug trafficking. The museum would show "all the barbarities that occurred in Colombia in the 1980s due to narcotrafficking," said an anti-drug functionary.