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CN ON: Windsor Cops Leery Of Life-Saving Drug

December 20, 2017 - 3:00am
London Free Press, 20 Dec 2017 - Officers fear SIU probe if they can't revive opioid OD victims with naloxone WINDSOR - The fear of officers getting into a legal jam for trying to save someone from an overdose has made the Windsor police service hesitant to embrace a medication that fights the effects of opioids.

CN NS: Column: Make No Mistake, Not All Polls Are Created Equal

December 19, 2017 - 3:00am
Truro Daily News, 19 Dec 2017 - They're great for entertainment purposes, but then again, so are fortune-tellers and horoscopes. If you're looking at public opinion polls to predict things, well, there are wins and there are losses. And lately, more losses.

CN ON: Peer-Based Program Aims To Reduce Unsafe Needle Disposal

December 19, 2017 - 3:00am
The Record, 19 Dec 2017 - CAMBRIDGE - An innovative new peer-based pilot project will be launched in Cambridge early next year with the aim of curbing improper needle disposal in the community. The project is a partnership between Region of Waterloo Public Health, which will provide funding, Sanguen Health Centre and the City of Cambridge.

Canada: Data Highlight Canada's 'Serious And Growing' Opioid Crisis

December 19, 2017 - 3:00am
Globe and Mail, 19 Dec 2017 - Canada is on pace to lose more than 4,000 people to opioid-related deaths this year - with about one-third of them in British Columbia, according to new figures from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The grim update was in a national report the federal government released on Monday. The report described the country's opioid crisis as "serious and growing," devastating families and communities nationwide.

CN ON: Weeding Out Problems

December 19, 2017 - 3:00am
Kenora Daily Miner And News, 19 Dec 2017 - Keewatin-Patricia public school board trustees not up for blowing smoke Legalized marijuana concerns public school board trustees. With the legalization of marijuana closer to becoming a reality the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is concerned how the new law could impact its students.

US MD: Kratom: An Old Plant Sparks A New Challenge

December 16, 2017 - 3:00am
Baltimore Sun, 16 Dec 2017 - When Anne Arundel police seized 158 grams of kratom, a plant from Southeast Asia used medicinally for centuries, it was the first time it was seized in a county investigation, according to police. Officers arrested Michaela Elizabeth Gran, 21, and Chase Seven Gran, 23, both of Glen Burnie, on Tuesday after they said the two were found with small amounts of narcotics as well as the 158 grams of kratom. Its seizure caused some confusion, as the drug is legal in Maryland and can be bought for $1 for a pill-sized capsule in local smoke shops. That, and how many people have ever heard of kratom?

US PA: Organ Donations From Fatal Drug Overdoses Double

December 16, 2017 - 3:00am
Philadelphia Daily News, 16 Dec 2017 - LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) - Charles Grugan's drug addiction took a toll on his family. They tried to help him, but on Oct. 12, 2011, Grugan 33, overdosed on heroin. He never recovered. While on life support in a regional hospital, doctors approached his family and showed them his driver's license.

US TX: Cautious Texas Among Last States To OK Medical Marijuana

December 15, 2017 - 3:00am
Daily Herald, 15 Dec 2017 - MANCHACA, Texas -- When California rings in the new year with the sale of recreational pot for the first time, Texas will be tiptoeing into its own marijuana milestone: a medical cannabis program so restrictive that doubts swirl over who will even use it. Texas is the last big state to allow some form of medical marijuana, albeit an oil extract so low in the psychoactive component, THC, that it couldn't get a person high. Though it might seem that Texas policymakers have softened their attitude toward the drug, bringing them more in line with the U.S. population as a whole, they have not. A joint could still land you in jail in Texas, and the state's embrace of medical marijuana comes with a heavy dose of caution.

US MA: High ambitions: Pot Advocacy Group To Attempt To Build

December 15, 2017 - 3:00am
Boston Globe, 15 Dec 2017 - JOINT Beantown Greentown is trying to build a 100-foot-long joint this weekend at a marijuana expo event in Worcester. This is a practice run. Keith Laham and his friends have been practicing for the past few months.

CN ON: Colby 'Neutral' On Cannabis Store

December 15, 2017 - 3:00am
The Chatham Daily News, 15 Dec 2017 - Medical officer of health expects regulations will evolve Chatham-Kent's medical officer of health is remaining neutral on a provincially operated cannabis store slated to open next year. However, Dr. David Colby admits he's intrigued by how it might play out in the communities that were announced as part of the first phase.

US CA: This Colorado City Declined To Allow Pot Sales. Now It's

December 14, 2017 - 3:00am
Los Angeles Times, 14 Dec 2017 - SECOND THOUGHTS At the two malls in town you can buy key chains and Christmas ornaments shaped like marijuana leaves. Along a downtown shopping corridor, paintings of cannabis plants grace storefront windows.

CN ON: Public Grills Wynne At Brampton Town Hall

December 14, 2017 - 3:00am
Toronto Star, 14 Dec 2017 - Is Ontario keeping too tight a lid on pot? Premier Kathleen Wynne faced that question at a town hall meeting Wednesday night in Brampton, where about 250 citizens - some with anger in their voices - grilled her about high local auto-insurance rates, health care, workers' compensation, the Tarion new home warranty system, the rising minimum wage, the recent five-week community college strike and other issues.

CN ON: Substance Use Among Ontario Students Down

December 14, 2017 - 3:00am
Hamilton Spectator, 14 Dec 2017 - TORONTO - Ontario adolescents are drinking, smoking and using cannabis and other recreational drugs at the lowest rates since the late 1970s, suggests a biennial survey of Grade 7 to 12 students by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. But the 2017 survey released Thursday turned up a disturbing finding: almost one per cent of respondents in Grades 9 to 12 reported having taken illicit fentanyl in the previous year, raising a red flag given the opioid's involvement in hundreds of overdose deaths across the country.

CN NS: People Growing Their Own Pot Problematic For Police Chief

December 14, 2017 - 3:00am
Cape Breton Post, 14 Dec 2017 - He may not be able to change it but that doesn't mean he has to like the new law allowing people to grow their own pot plants. "Personal cultivation is something I personally really struggle with as a citizen, a parent and a police chief," Cape Breton Regional Police Chief Peter McIsaac said during the recent Police Commissioners meeting.

CN NS: Column: Problems With Pot Deadline Looming

December 14, 2017 - 3:00am
Truro Daily News, 14 Dec 2017 - It's enough to make you want to roll a big, fat one. The province is attempting to have a regulatory framework in place prior to the legalization of marijuana on July 1. Weekly, maybe daily, the confusion grows over what the brave new world of legalized weed will look like.

CN ON: Column: Pot's Dirty Secret: It's A Money-Maker For Governments

December 13, 2017 - 3:00am
Toronto Star, 13 Dec 2017 - The legalization of marijuana promises to provide governments with a tidy little windfall. That's the dirty secret the country's finance ministers didn't want to talk about when they were cutting up the cash this week. But it's true. To hear the provinces talk, you'd think legalized cannabis would be nothing but a drain on their revenues. They complain that the legal pot regime will be more costly to police than the current illegal one - - without exactly explaining why.

CN MB: Column: Feigning Ignorance On Weed Windfall Won't Lead To

December 13, 2017 - 3:00am
Winnipeg Free Press, 13 Dec 2017 - WHEN politicians talk about the arrival of legal cannabis, they make it sound like it's going to be more trouble than it's worth. Oh, the worry. According to the narrative coming out of the federal and provincial capitals, legalizing pot is going to involve enormous costs with very little return, in terms of tax revenue.

CN PI: Province Mum On Pot Plans

December 13, 2017 - 3:00am
The Journal-Pioneer, 13 Dec 2017 - Opposition Tories press for details on rollout of government-run cannabis stores The province appears to be keeping details of its business plans for selling legal pot in P.E.I. close to its chest for the time being, promising more specifics in the coming months. The Opposition Progressive Conservatives pressed for more details on government's plans, announced last week, to sell legal cannabis in government-run, standalone stores operated by the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission.

Canada: 'Legitimate Concerns'

December 13, 2017 - 3:00am
Edmonton Sun, 13 Dec 2017 - Indigenous leaders ask where they stand in legal marijuana plan OTTAWA - Indigenous leaders looking at the prospect of legalized marijuana in Canada say they don't see a route to riches, but rather a serious risk that the black market in pot will set its sights on their vulnerable communities.

CN ON: City To Get Pot Store

December 13, 2017 - 3:00am
The Expositor, 13 Dec 2017 - Brantford on list of 14 cities announced by the province Brantford is getting a government-run marijuana store after all. The city is on a list of 15 cities announced Tuesday by the government.